About us

Because your Happiness is our Business.

You First

At La Mer Developers Pvt. Ltd., we believe it’s not about how many square feet we build, but what the residents experience
while living there.

The Group shares the legacy of quality living with 950 families who have now become the La Mer community. 

Our Vision

To develop a better lifestyle.

Our Mission

To adopt the latest material, technology, resources, and people in everyday practices to achieve a better life for all.

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To deal with people, society, the environment, and the world at large, in a manner that is most fair.


Faster delivery of Lamer Regency

Good in
every sense

The Leaders

 Dhanesh Mehta


We see the opportunity or problem holistically and objectively because this approach helps to solve problems at strategic, functional, and operational levels resulting in more productive and satisfactory results for all the stakeholders.

Dimple Parmar 


We want to see the resident happy and satisfied, after all, It’s their Hard earn money being a woman I know what home and family mean to them. While planning this project we have kept ourselves in their shoes. La Mer Regency is planned considering the future need, aspirations, and expectations of the Users. We are crafting a project keeping all the aspects in mind which will affect day-to-day life.

When all come together
with a common purpose
things transform.

The Team

Different people and different skills blended with a holistic approach make the difference. The entire team shares the common understanding that the residents will live here for years to come including their next generations. And this understanding has transformed into passion and a goal to build and timely deliver nothing but the best.

Adinath Patkar

Principal Architect, 07 Architects

Anil Kaul

Principal Architect, 07 Architects

Vasant Kumar Bang

Legal Advisor

Yateesh Tare

Structural Engineer, Vastukalp

Full Name

Structural Engineer, Vastukalp

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